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The New Orleans rental registry RFP only got one response

The registry process would have started in March 2017

Talks of a New Orleans rental registry have gone on for awhile, and the idea seemed to pick up speed when Mayor Mitch Landrieu included it in his five-year affordable housing plan.

But in reality, no one actually wants to do the job of inspecting rentals and keeping an eye on landlords: The city issued a request for proposals to operate a rental registry program, and reports the city only got one response by the July 27 deadline.

The city was hoping for at least three proposals, so now it is starting from scratch with the RFP process.

As per the now-scrapped RFP, the first wave of rental registries would have begun March 31, 2017; no word on if the timeline will be the same with the next round of proposals (if there is more than one next time).