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Whole-Home Short-Term Rentals Could Comprise 8 Percent of Housing Under Proposed Law

It's unlikely to actually happen, however

Part of the new set of regulations regarding short-term rentals that the city will vote on one day includes density caps that would restrict the amount of whole-home rentals in neighborhoods. But according to analysis by The Advocate, this could include up to 15,000 homes—about eight percent of total housing units in New Orleans.

However, The Advocate is quick to add that reaching this cap is unlikely, considering it "it would require the practice to spread to areas that do not typically attract tourists, such as New Orleans East."

The number of whole-home rentals to be allowed per neighborhood would depend on zoning, with the most allowed for "historic core neighborhoods" and the least for more suburban areas.

About 7,000 of possible short-term rentals under the propose rentals would be in the neighborhoods near the river where these types of rentals are already popular. The new regulations would require whole-home rentals to go through a formal zoning process to get a conditional-use permit, while other types would just need to apply for a permit.