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The DNC Hoped to Use the Failed New Orleans Trump Tower as Ammo

A public records request to the city came up empty, though

The New Orleans Trump Tower goes down in history as one of the city’s most spectacular failed developments. While just another failed project to many, the Democratic National Committee tried to use the high-rise-that-never-was as ammo against the presumptive Republican presidential candidate.

A DNC researcher filed a public records request with the city last week, hoping to find ammo to take shots at Trump’s reputation as a real estate developer. The request came up empty; the city was unable to find any "correspondence, complaints, investigations and other documents related to the scrapped plan."

There’s still hope for New Orleans to appear in a Trump attack ad: The Advocate points out that many have said that Trump simply licensed his name to the developers of the New Orleans building, which would "portray Trump more as a master of self-promotion than a successful businessman."