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New Orleans’ fastest growing neighborhoods: CBD, Mid-City, Gert Town top list

The data is based on the number of homes receiving mail

According to a report by the Data Center broken down by, the CBD, Mid-City, and Gert Town have seen the highest rates of growth between June 2010 to June 2016.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the Data Center has been tracking neighborhood growth by counting the number of homes receiving mail. Almost 91 percent of pre-Katrina addresses are receiving mail, according to the organization, which on Monday updated its neighborhood counts. compiled a list of the fastest growing neighborhoods based on the Data Center’s report, dividing the list between "recovered"—those with 100 percent or more of their pre-Katrina addresses—and "partially recovered"—those with less than 100 percent—neighborhoods.

Among the recovered neighborhoods, the CBD has seen an 88 percent increase from 2010 and a nearly threefold increase since Katrina in residents receiving mail. In Mid-City, 7,084 residents are receiving mail—a 14 percent increase since the storm. Gert Town, the neighborhood near Xavier University, has seen a 15.2 percent increase.

Leonidas, Tulane-Gravier, Black Pearl, the LGD, Marlyville/Fontainebleau, French Quarter round out the list of recovered neighborhoods. The St. Bernard area, West Lake Forest, and Read Boulevard West have seen the most growth among the partially recovered areas.

However, one could argue basing growth on the number of homes receiving mail is flawed. One commenter on the article says:

There's also a fundamental problem with this data-set (and the extrapolation by the article author). The lot next door program in many of these areas allowed individuals to buy up lots and extend their properties, so they'll never have a house receiving an address, but the property isn't available.