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Metairie Trader Joe’s opens Sept. 23

Mark your calendars and prepare to wait in line

Trader Joe’s long-awaited arrival to the Greater New Orleans area is getting closer. Gambit says the store, at 2949 Veterans Memorial Blvd., officially opens Sept. 23 (and they’re hiring, too).

Palmisano Contractors handled construction on the 14,000 square-foot Metairie store. The site will also include two more buildings, adding another 31,000 square feet of retail, but those retail tenants have not been announced yet.

Baton Rouge got a Trader Joe's in 2012, but this is the chain's first store in the New Orleans area. There is a Whole Foods down the street on Veterans in one direction, and a Fresh Market a few minutes away in the other. But despite these cool amenities, we determined in a Curbed NOLA poll that Metairie is, in fact, not cool and will never be cool.

Mark your calendars and prepare to wait in line—and there will definitely be lines—for Two Buck Chuck and Cookie Butter.