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Someone erected a Pikachu statue in Coliseum Square this weekend

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The statue has become a Pokemon Mecca of sorts

A wild Pikachu might be a rarity in Pokemon Go, but you can find one in Coliseum Square. Sometime this weekend, someone erected a statue in the park depicting the most recognizable of Pokemon.

Dropped off my dry cleaning around the corner and figured I'd pretend I was one of the cool kids. #pokemonument #nola

A photo posted by Curry W. Smith (@currywsmith) on

When photos of the statue first made the social media rounds, many thought it was a Photoshop goof—even the Coliseum Square Association, it seems.

The statue is, in fact, real, and Uptown Messenger has since spoken to the Coliseum Square Association about its mysterious emergence. Karon Reese, vice president of the association, seems cool with it, especially since the fountain was on the group’s list of ones to restore:

"It’s funny. It’s one of those New Orleans surprises we just come to expect after a while ... Right now, it’s a defunct fountain. It’s actually on our list of fountains to get running again. So as long as it’s sitting here without any water flowing, it’s OK with me. … What I think is kind of good about Pokemon is the way it brings people out into neighborhoods, and we’re always thrilled to have people in our neighborhood and in our parks."

No one seems to know the identity of the Pokemon Go Banksy behind the statue. Emblazoned with the hashtag #pokemonument, the Pikachu has become a Pokemon Go Mecca of sorts since it suddenly appeared—much like a wild Pokemon.

Whether or not the Pokemonument stays or goes is up to the city. But with the popularity of the statue, it seems like we have a possible solution to the divisive Confederate monuments issue.