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Louisiana flood: Registry helps both Louisiana flood victims and film industry

A film executive found a way to set up film workers with recovery agencies

As Louisiana is amid the aftermath of what some are considering to be the biggest natural disaster in the U.S. since Hurricane Sandy, some are getting creative with recovery efforts.

A local film industry executive figured out a way to aid rebuilding efforts while also helping those in the Louisiana film industry—which has also taken a blow of a much lesser extent. reports Will French, president of Film Production Capital LLC, has created a registry to put local film workers to work in repairing the homes damaged in the flood—which totals somewhere between 40,000 to 60,000 across southeast Louisiana.

Film workers—which include construction workers and carpenters, electricians, vendors, and more—can email with their contact information, applicable skills, and availability. The registry will set them up with firms or government agencies looking for skilled recovery workers.

For film professionals out of work and for a state in need of helping hands, this seems like a win-win.