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New Orleans’ smallest apartment on the market is asking $741 per square foot

Apartments on the list range from 317 to 470 square feet and are asking $114,900 to $399,000


Microliving can save money, but not when it comes to apartments in New Orleans’ historic, tourist-heavy neighborhoods. The real estate research and analytics start-up NeighborhoodX created a list of the city’s 10 smallest apartments on the market right now, and the smallest one is going for $741 per square foot.

That apartment, at 1224 Bourbon St., clocks in at 317 square feet and is asking $234,900.

The apartments on the list, ranging from 317 to 470 square feet and with asking prices going from $114,900 to $399,000 (or $247/square foot to $848/square foot), are mostly concentrated in New Orleans’ historic, downriver neighborhoods that get a lot of tourists. Tiny pied-a-terres, likely used as pricey vacation pads and not full-time residences, are pretty ubiquitous in the French Quarter.

Tiny apartments in Central City, the LGD, and 7th Ward round out the list.