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New Orleans affordable housing policy moves forward at City Planning Commission

The practice of "affordable housing impact statements" might be implemented in New Orleans. reports that a policy that would require real estate developers to show how their projects would influence affordability in the New Orleans housing market got one step closer to happening this week.

The City Planning Commission pushed forward to City Council a study on "affordable housing impact statements," a practice that has been implemented in cities including Atlanta and Austin. According to the study, the statements would collect data that "can be used in tracking real-time housing supply information" and "serve as an accountability tool for programs and policies implemented to address affordable housing."

The policy would require statements from real estate developers, those wishing to demolish housing, and for land-use applications where developers are hoping to gain a "density bonus" for their projects (like what Sidney Torres is trying to do with his Lafitte Greenway development).

Mayor Landrieu recently gave an address highlighting affordable housing as a priority for the rest of his term.