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Call for submissions: Curbed NOLA wants to see your tiny home!

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We're celebrating Micro Week across the Curbed network Sept. 19-25

Here at Curbed NOLA, we like to bring you the full extent of the New Orleans real estate market, from glorious mansions to the cutest shotguns. But in honor of Micro Week, happening across the Curbed network Sept. 19-25, we want to focus on all things tiny in New Orleans.

And yes, we know "micro-living" was sort of a thing here before it became cool—the traditional New Orleans shotgun tends to be narrow and compact. But we’re looking for people who have fully embraced the micro-living trend. Are you super proud of your tiny house, apartment or house boat (that’s a thing)? Have you experimented with loft beds, folding furniture, or other clever, space-saving items? Do you have a horror story about micro-housing (we’ve all watched HGTV and thought we could totally live in a tiny house)? We want to hear about it! We might even consider you for our House Calls series.

Please drop us a line if any of this applies to you. And if you want some micro-dwelling inspiration, check out these small spaces from around the country.