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Vieux Carre Commission accuses Sidney Torres of unpermitted work on historic buildings

Torres says the whole thing is an "innocent mistake"

Mr. French Quarter himself, Sidney Torres, might be in a little trouble with the Vieux Carre Commission, according to The Advocate. The group is accusing Torres of making major alterations to a pair of historic buildings he owns on the Marigny/French Quarter border.

The VCC ordered work on the project to stop, but staff says soon after crews were back to work on the buildings. The project calls for the addition of skylights, windows, doors, and exterior walls to buildings at 730 Esplanade Ave. and 729 and 733 Barracks St.

An architect has been brought on to "put things back the way they were before the work was started."

Torres, however, says the unapproved work was just an honest mistake:

"This project has been going on for three years and we have been through the permitting process multiple times and been before the Vieux Carre Commission as well ... People make mistakes, and the contractor made a mistake here. But it’s important to understand that this was an innocent mistake and the insinuations to the contrary are out of line."

You better clean up this mess, Trash King.