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Tornado rips through Treme Thursday afternoon, destroying and damaging buildings

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The tornado damaged or destroyed about six buildings in all

A tornado ripped through the Treme neighborhood yesterday, the National Weather Service confirmed, blowing down old buildings and scattering property.

It destroyed or damaged about six buildings in all; buildings at at 1326 Kerlerec St. and North Claiborne and Ursulines avenues came down, and buildings at North Claiborne Avenue and Dumaine Street, and another at North Villere Street and Ursulines Avenue, were damaged.

The tornado was heavily documented on Instagram. The most ubiquitous image being that of a trampoline stuck in power lines on the 1200 block of North Villere Street.

#OurBackPatio is No Longer a "Back Patio" #TornadoAftermath #NOLA #Treme @wgno @nolanews @weatherchannel

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That's my work yesterday. #Tornado

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