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Renovated LGD masonry building, Albert C. Ledner midcentury modern sold

A cozy Uptown office space sold, too

I regret to inform you that two beauties are off the market: A stylishly renovated masonry building in the LGD and an Albert C. Ledner-designed midcentury modern in Fontainebleau recently sold.

The LGD property, renovated by owner/architect William Rosenthal, sold for $630,000 sometime between Aug. 13-19. The asking price started at $695,000.

The midcentury modern, designed by the same architect responsible for the "Ashtray House" on Park Island and this former Unitarian church on Jefferson Avenue, hit the market in July, asking $399,000. It sold for more than the asking price at $416,000.

Another item from this recent batch of real estate transactions: This cozy office space in Milan sold for $615,000, below the asking price of $629,000.