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Spacious Uptown home on corner lot asks $1.2 million

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The 4,061 square-foot home is just close enough to all the action

Photos for this home that just hit the market in Uptown make it seem like the property is located somewhere more remote—really, it’s on Napoleon Avenue near the recent street construction. But the home is on a corner lot right next to Samuel Square Park, and is a good amount of distance between St. Charles Avenue and S. Claiborne Ave., lending a bit of quiet amid the action.

The renovated 1890 home boasts 4,061 square feet of space, with five bedrooms and four-and-a-half bathrooms. Pocket doors separate the double parlor downstairs, which has big windows and a working fireplace.

The big kitchen opens onto a patio outside, where there is a small, separate space back there. Overall, this would be a fabulous parade party spot.

What’s the asking price? $1,200,00.