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5 contemporary homes for sale in New Orleans right now

Showcasing clean lines, eco-friendly features, and building materials of-the-moment

A contemporary home in New Orleans always sticks out amid the shotguns and other historic housing around it. Right now, there are a few homes on the market showcasing clean lines, eco-friendly features, and building materials of-the-moment (shipping containers!).

↑ This Central City home is made of shipping containers, and it’s been quite controversial among Curbed NOLA readers because of its $255,000 price tag (the architect, Corey Newell, argues in the comments of the original post that building a shipping container home isn’t as cheap as it seems). Eco-friendly features of the 1,280 square-foot space include spray-foam insulation, low-flow plumbing fixtures, and tankless water heaters.

↑ Over in Metairie, this unique home along the Lakefront belongs to relatives of the late Sheriff Harry Lee. There’s a pretty indoor pool/solarium and a kitchen with vaulted ceilings and views of the levee.

↑ If you don’t want to deal with owning a whole home a condo is an option, and these contemporary ones just hit the market in Marigny. Units have more bathrooms than bedrooms, Energy Star appliances, and a backyard.

↑ Right along Bayou St. John, this window-filled house has a dreamy upstairs bath and a lush backyard.

↑ A contemporary take on the camelback, this Fontainebleau home is new and familiar at the same time. The 1,754 square-foot home is powered by solar panels, and there’s a screened side porch with a big backyard and storage unit.