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Mysterious Pokemon statue sold at auction for $2,000

I choose you, Pikachu!

In the Pokemon series, Ash Ketchum’s Pikachu was priceless. In real life, a mysteriously placed statue of Pikachu is worth $2000.

According to, a five-foot tall Pokemon statue, inspired by the mobile phenomenon Pokemon Go, was sold by the Neal Auction Company on last Sunday. In mere seconds, the bids for the statue rose and paused at $2000. The funds acquired from this statue and other art sold at the Neal Auction Company will be allocated to the Lower Garden District Park Funds.

The Pikachu-inspired statue, made out of fiberglass, was anonymously placed in a Garden District pocket park on Aug. 1, 2016, right off of Prytania Street. Admired by Pokemon Go enthusiast, the monument was ironically vandalized a week after its appearance, and was removed from the park on Aug. 14. The artist of the Pikachu statue remains unknown.

Want to relive the auction? Watch it here.