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New Orleans named in top coastal cities in the world

Music, food and Mardi Gras makes New Orleans unique

According to, New Orleans ranks as one of the top greatest coastal and beach cities in the world. The city ranked no. 24 out of 25 in the worldwide list. New Orleans was also one out of five U.S. cities to be featured on the list.

The top list was created by Chicago Line Cruises, a Cruise organization that gives attendees boat tours that are "both stunning views and a deeper appreciation for architectural design."

According to the Chicago Line Cruises, New Orleans is known for its "laid-back and all-world nightlife," the French Quarter, Jazz, unique cuisines and Mardi Gras.

The 25 cities were ranked by its arts and architecture, nature, food, music, sported and recreation and wild card attributes in both residential and tourism perspectives.