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New Orleans affordable housing evaluated in report

City adds more affordable housing opportunities, but rent is on the rise

While New Orleans may rank as one of the top coastal cities in the world, it could improve on its affordable housing.

On Thursday, Sept. 29, HousingNOLA, a nonprofit group dedicated to increasing available affordable housing in the city, evaluated the city’s progress in 2016. The evaluation is a part of a 10-year plan to increase affordable housing in New Orleans.

In its most recent evaluation, New Orleans scored a "B" in its progress for increasing affordable housing during the 2015-16 year.

According to the report, New Orleans has developed nearly 2,000 affordable housing opportunities. Additionally, the city has done a better job in addressing various inhibitors preventing people from accessing affordable housing.

While more affordable housing opportunities are available, the average rent has increased since last year. In 2014, average rent was $907 and in 2015 it rose to $947. Between 2014-15, one third of New Orleans renters allocated half of their income to housing costs, HousingNola reports.

To view the full 2016 report, click here.