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Launch Pad coworking space moving to larger CBD facility

The space is moving to the ninth floor of 400 Poydras Tower in 2017

New Orleans’ Launch Pad plans to move to a new facility in February of 2017.

Launch Pad is a co-working space that local tech startups can use to help build their organizations and work with like-minded individuals.

The current office is located on 643 Magazine St.

According to, Chris Schultz, an investor for Launch Pad, said that the current office space cannot keep up with growing technological and physical demands of the organization's growth.

Schultz told that he plans to move the new Launch Pad workspace to the ninth floor of 400 Poydras Tower in downtown New Orleans.

The current Magazine Street location maxes out at 11,000 square feet, spanning across three stories. The new Poydras office space is double the previous space. According to Schultz, the new facility will have 22,000 square feet, allowing all Launch Pad attendees to work on same floor in 67 office spaces.