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Kenner’s Esplanade Mall is for sale, currently under new management

The potential buyers want to return the mall "to its past glories."

If, like me, you came of age in the Greater New Orleans area, you may remember Esplanade Mall in Kenner as a magical place with all the top tween retailers and a well-stocked arcade. The once great shopping center has fallen into mediocrity in the past decade, but The Advocate reports some potential new owners are hoping to return the mall "to its past glories." Does this mean a Limited Too on every floor and an arcade with nothing but DDR machines?

Kenner Mayor Mike Sigur confirmed the mall is up for sale this week and already management has been transferred over to the California-based Pacific Retail, which is "working with a group of capital investors hoping to buy the facility in the next few weeks."

The city won’t reveal the identity of these potential buyers, just that they want to restore the mall to greatness. Because a great mall is what America’s City needs.