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Stateside update: Bywater hostel acquires vacant lot

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A neighborhood group has filed a lawsuit to block the project

Last time we heard about Stateside, the upscale hotel and hostel planned for Bywater, it had secured the approval of City Council. The latest from the project is that developer Ted Kelso of Pelican Royal, LLC has purchased a nearby vacant lot at 4019 Chartres St., according to a press release.

Stateside—planned as a 32,000 square-foot property with a mix of 43 private and shared rooms and public amenities including a laundromat, courtyard, pool, restaurant and bar, and a coffee and juice shop—did get City Council’s approval, but some neighbors oppose the project. According to, the group Neighbors First for Bywater filed a lawsuit in June seeking to reverse City Council’s decision. Pelican Royal asked for the case to be dismissed, but it is still pending.

The vacant lot, last used as a seafood processing plant, fronts Chartres St. and is bounded by Mazant Street and Royal Street. Stateside is planned to open in early 2018.