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Spacious Mid-City bungalow with two living rooms and garages asks $515K

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This home is a lean, mean, green machine

4153-55 Orleans Avenue
All photos courtesy ofJames Henderson, James Henderson Properties,LLC.

Built in 1932 is a renovated double-converted-single bungalow located right in Mid-City. The home sits right on the Endymion Parade route, just blocks away from Carrollton Avenue.

The asking price is $515,000, at $245 per square foot.

At first glance, the home has a welcoming exterior graced by a sizable front yard area and an intimate front porch. The home showcases a nice amount of synergy with its vibrant green space matched with its likable and matching exterior. As an added touch, the home has a unique glass design on the attic level.

The home, which was originally a double, has two separate entrances that both open into a living rooms followed by dining rooms. Yep, that’s right: This house has two living and dining rooms. The home’s living and dining areas are divided by a wall that opens closer to the kitchen.

Overall, the home has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. The master bathroom’s renovations include unique shelf, cabinet and storage space, and a beautiful water faucet. Hardwood flooring and tall ceilings are a standard throughout the residence.

Outside, the home has a garage that can support up to two cars. On the side of the home is a modest courtyard area and a side garden/green space area.