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Construction for Lafitte Greenway FitLot is underway

The Lafitte Greenway seems to be a popular choice for renovations

The Lafitte Greenway stretches 2.6 miles, connecting City Park to Louis Armstrong Park.
Photo by Bart Everson, Wikimedia Commons

Construction workers broke ground on the new FitLot project that will be built on the Lafitte Greenway.

According to its official website, FitLot is a nonprofit organization that help communities build outdoor fitness parks, making cost-free exercising obtainable in communities across the city.

The organization provides fitness tools that use bodyweight resistance, much like the Healthbeats fitness center in City Park.

Check out the organization’s video here to show how it will impact the Greenway below.

This isn’t the only project taking place at the Lafitte Greenway.

This past November, New Orleans’ Lafitte Greenway was selected as the National Recreation and Park Association’s 2017 Parks Build Community Project. The project will be a collaboration between the NRPA and The New Orleans Recreation and Development Commission.

In the NRPA renovation, will supply a community gathering space, basketball court, an all-age playground and a splashpad. Donors have also contributed bike racks, benches, trashcans and lighting.

Opened in November of 2015, The Lafitte Greenway is a 2.6 mile path that spans from City Park to Louis Armstrong Park.