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A closer look at the St. Claude Robert Fresh Market

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A much-needed fresh food grocery store in the Marigny

Rendering of the St. Claude Robert Fresh Market
All renderings by King Retail Solutions via

On Wednesday, January 25, Robért Fresh Market announced its plans for its 26,000 square foot full-service grocery store, and a 15,000 square foot retail parcel, which will both service the Bywater and Marigny neighborhoods.

The construction phase of the full-service grocery store, located on 2222 St. Claude Avenue, is expected to last 12 months.

Here is a sneak peak at what the new market will look like in early 2018.

The full-service grocery store, which will cost $9.5 million, was partially funded by the City of New Orlean’s Fresh Food Retailer Initiative, which encourages retailers to maintain stores in underserved communities. This new initiative gives residents employment opportunities and access to fresh foods.

Currently, Circle Foods in the 7th Ward, The ReFresh project’s Whole Foods Market in Mid-City, and Dryades Public Market in Central City are all partially funded by the the Fresh Food Retailer Initiative.

The St. Claude Robért Fresh Market will employ 20 full-time and 50 part-time employees, according to the Office of the Mayor.

City Councilmember Nadine Ramsey ,who was present at the announcement, expressed her excitement for the new grocery store. .

“Robért Fresh Market is a much needed service to this community as neighborhood-oriented, full-service market. It will increase access to healthy, fresh, local foods,” Ramsey said in a prepared statement.

“We thank Robért for choosing this location and for being a valuable community partner.”

Robért Fresh market was founded in 1994, and currently has three active locations in New Orleans, located in the Uptown, Lakefront and Metairie neighborhoods.