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NOLA neighborhood ranks 10 in national report

Here’s a hint: there’s a show named after it

Redfin released a report on the hottest neighborhoods in 2017.

While Algiers Point was Curbed New Orleans Curbed Cup winner two years in a row, last year’s challenger, Tremé, made some strides nationally.

This past week, Tremé ranked No. 10 in Redfin’s Hottest Neighborhoods of 2017. In the report, Redfin listed neighborhoods across that are expected to accrue a lot of attention over the next year. The rankings were determined by the amount of users who favorited and viewed specific neighborhoods over 2016.

Tremé was the only one of two southern neighborhoods list. The other is Colonial Village in Washington, DC. The top hottest neighborhood, according to Redfin, is Bushrod, located in Oakland, California.

Here’s the list of the hottest neighborhoods of 2016:

Redfin’s hottest 2017 neighborhoods

Top neighborhoods in New Orleans, according to Redfin, include Tremé (1), Algiers Point (2) and Milan (3).

Similarly, in early January, the Gentilly subdistrict Milneburg was ranked one of the fastest growing Airbnb destinations in New Orleans.

Which neighborhood do you think it hot in 2017?