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The Curbed Cup 2016 Neighborhood of the Year is Algiers Point!

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Algiers Point has won two years in a row.

Over the past month, Curbed New Orleans hosted some grueling matches for the sake of Curbed Cup 2016. After eight neighborhoods went head to head, only one was deemed a winner. This year’s official winner of the Curbed Cup 2016 is Algiers Point.

Algiers Point won 948 votes to 647 against its promising competitor Mid-City in the final round. Votes were counted up to January 2, 2017, at 11:59 a.m., as promised.

Despite a 301 vote win, Algiers Point did not win by a landslide like it did last year.

Regardless, Mid-City served as a strong competitor. While it’s new VA Hospital, Dive-Thru CC’s and Mid-City market may not have been enough to win this competition, the neighborhood can rest easy knowing it had 647 people behind it.

Congratulations, Algiers Point, Curbed New Orleans 2016 Curbed Cup Winner!

Ed. Note - We noticed some voting irregularities in the finals poll. Those irregularities have since been corrected.