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This Gentilly subdistrict ranks as one of the fastest growing Airbnb destinations

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It beats all other ranked destinations by a landslide

New Orleans has had a long bout against Airbnb, and City Council’s recent approval of the new short-term rental regulations has not pleased many residents.

As 2016 has come to a close, Airbnb has developed a worldwide list of 17 neighborhoods that have experience the most growth in Airbnb visitors. And one New Orleans neighborhood tops that global list.

That neighborhood is Milneburg.

Milneburg is a subdistrict of the Gentilly area, bounded by Elysian Fields, Filmore, and Peoples avenues, and Leon C Simon Drive.

According to the Airbnb Press Room, the neighborhood of Milneburg increased its visitor count by 1500 percent in 2016. The neighborhood’s popularity trumps the second best growing destination by 524 percent. Milneburg was one of five U.S neighborhoods included in the list.

Airbnb analyzed data from over 3 million homes and over 140 million guest. Based on their trends, Airbnb users look for “Urban, but not dense” areas, and locations with green spaces and a hefty amount of restaurant choices.

Airbnb said the following about Milneburg:

Cozy homes at a comfortable distance from the city’s frenetic French Quarter make Milneburg an emerging hub for travelers to New Orleans.