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Top 3 most expensive homes sold in December of 2016

Spacious mansions are always in style.

Last year, Curbed NOLA posted the top 10 most expensive homes sold throughout 2016. On that list, you can bet there were some high-rolling, extremely-spacious, jaw-dropping mansions. However, not every month sells houses over $3 million in New Orleans.

Additionally, there have been several new constructions that have flooded the housing market. To make an effort to showcase some of the more inexpensive mansions, if you will, and to add a bit of historical charm, we created a list of the top 3 most expensive homes sold in 2016 made before the year 2000.

Here is a list of the top 3 most expensive houses that sold in New Orleans in December of 2016.

1) 1831 Marengo Street

Year Built: 1900.

Final Selling Price: $1,004,550

Size: 4 Beds, 3 baths, 4,737 square feet.

The Skinny: From its ornate white columns to the soaring 13 feet ceilings on the inside, this neoclassical revival stands for nothing but but class. There’s also a spacious outdoor pool, too.

2) 1320 Henry Clay Avenue

Year Built: 1896.

Final Selling Price: $1,125,000.

Size: 4 Beds, 4 baths, 4,622 square feet.

The Skinny: This victorian home is walking distance from Audubon park. Like many houses and mansions in the immediate area, tall ceilings, unmatched hardwood flooring, spacious floor plans and lush garden areas are a standard.

3) 1535 Soniat Street

Year Built: 1972.

Final Selling Price: $1,505,000.

Size: 4 Beds, 4.5 baths, 5,150 square feet.

The Skinny: Less than a half block from St. Charles Avenue is a relative new build, featuring a spacious floor plan, a beautiful custom made kitchen, and a sizable courtyard. The outside of the home is beautiful, decorated with french-style shutters and a cantilevered balcony that wraps around the backside of the house, facing its courtyard.