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Sidney Torres unveils trailer for CNBC’s “The Deed”

Torres’ and co-star will put growing investors on the right track

Real estate mogul Sidney Torres IV has made the news this past summer and fall regarding his Mid-City Lafitte Greenway development.

Now, at the end of this winter, Torres will debut his new primetime show “The Deed.” This past week, Torres released an extended trailer of his new show on his Instagram page. Check it out here:

The new show will premiere on CNBC March 1, 2017, at 9 p.m.

“The Deed” will follow Sean Conlon and Sidney Torres IV as they serve as investment gurus saving up-and-coming investors from financial demise.

Sean Conlon is a successful real estate broker, and one of the first developers to use condominiums to revitalize communities across the United States, according to a CNBC press release.

Torres and Conlon will work together on several projects throughout the seasons, from family homes to multi-unit developments.

The premiering seasons will have eight one-hour episodes. Though, in the trailer provided by Sidney Torres, we might see less of Conlon throughout the series.