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Spacious Algiers Point cottage, with custom shelves, cabinets asks $330K

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Located in Curbed NOLA’s neighborhood of the year

521 Delaronde Street
Photos via Redfin

This past Tuesday, Algiers Point was named Curbed Cup 2016 champion two times in a row. One way to celebrate this achievement is to examine some of the beautiful architecture and homes in the city.

Located right in Algiers Point, blocks away from the Ferry, is a spacious cottage built in 1899.

The asking price is $330,000, which is over two times higher than the Algiers Point Median average of $139,950. However, does this home’s distinctive charm make it worthwhile?

While it’s not often that we showcase empty homes, the custom designed shelves and cabinetry were too elegant to ignore.

This Algiers Point cottage has four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Upon entrance, guest are greeted with high ceilings, beautiful, newly-installed hardwood floors, and towering custom wooden shelves and cabinets. In some areas of the home, the shelves span from the floor to the ceilings.

The wood design becomes even more distinctive in the kitchen area. While the hardwood flooring is exchanged for tiles in this space, the kitchen offers custom designed cabinetry and shelf placement, which gives it a glamorous and space-efficient style.

Out back there is a modest backyard, with a screened, covered back porch.

Do you think this home is worth its steep $330,000 price point in Algiers Point?