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New Orleans will get its first Weird Homes Tour this November

And its still taking nominations for homes

While New Orleans is known for having unique homes, weird might not be the first word used to describe them. However, one organization wants to recognize some of the offbeat dwellings in the city.

Founded in 2014, the Weird Homes Tour celebrates unconventional homes (from the inside and out) in Austin and Houston. Our sister site Curbed Austin just recapped some of the most amazing homes showcased this past April.

Weird Homes Tour co-founder David J. Neff, an avid admirer of “outsider” art, looks to expand to New Orleans, which will become the third city highlighted by this organization.

“For us, we’ve always been in love with New Orleans,” Neff says. “We have always loved the people, the art, gallery scene, and artists in New Orleans.”

Neff says that there is a significant correlation between cities that have reverence for art and weird homes. This tour, Neff says, combats the idea that “every home needs a farm sink and a eggshell-white wall because HGTV tell you to...which is constantly shoved down out throats.”

So far, the Tour has a sneak peek of unusual homes in New Orleans, including a shotgun container home and this Irish Channel three-story container home.

Neff and his team will donate 10 percent of ticket sales to the Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance to support access to affordable housing in the city. The tour has conducted similar donations over the past three years in Austin and Houston.

Home submissions will be open until end of the day October 31. Visit Weird Homes Tour’s official website for more information.

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