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This is how much it costs to live in Bayou St John: October 2017

Analyzing property value by cost per square foot

Our friends at NeighborhoodX have researched New Orleans house prices nonstop over the past month. Today, the research and analytics firm have graphed home prices in Bayou St. John.

According to Constantine Valhouli, the Director of Research for NeighborhoodX, the current average for Bayou St. John is $208/square feet, ranging from $130/square foot to $323/square foot.

In its October 2017 analysis, Bayou St. John ranks between Mid-City ($202/square foot) and Lakeview ($215/square foot).

Via Bryan Francher/Gardner Realtors

11117 North White Street

On a square foot basis, this double-to-single conversion on North White Street sits as the most expensive home in the neighborhood. Priced at $324/square foot, it has a refreshed interior, floor-to ceiling windows, and a large kitchen. At 2,001 square feet, this home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Its asking price is $648,000.

NeighborhoodX placed 3137 St. Peter Street, which sits about than a block from Orleans Avenue, as the least expensive home in the neighborhood. Asking $130/square foot, this triplex has a total of five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and 2,346 square feet. Its largest unit has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, while the remaining two units have one bedroom and one bathroom. Its asking price is $305,000.

To look at more homes in the Bayou St. John neighborhood, check out the interactive graph below. Click on any address to learn more about that particular property.