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Check out this aluminium camper for sale that asks $16.5K

Minimalist living in style

1955 Aluminum Camper Trailer
via Craiglist

While we usually leave campers to our sister site Curbed, we couldn’t pass up this aluminum traveling companion for sale in the Central Business District.

Hitting Craigslist yesterday, the owner of this 1955 Airlight trailer listed this restored camper for $16,500.

It spans 24 feet long, 7 feet wide, and about 6.5 feet tall. Its most noticeable aspect is its polished aluminum exterior. The owner says that this vintage camper has hardwood flooring reclaimed from the old Port of New Orleans—along with all-new subfloor, trailer lights, and window glass.

According to Tin Can Tourist, Airlight trailers that were created in Los Angeles are few in numbers. In fact, it also supports that this trailer was created just before Airlight became El Rey Trailer Company.

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