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NOLA’s Adopt-A-Catch Basin website team wins special achievement award

It uses tools that power similarly useful apps

New Orleans’s Adopt-A-Catch Basin application was honored at the 2017 Environmental Systems Research Institute International User Conference
via Adopt-A-Catch Basin

Earlier this week, the Environmental Systems Research Institute International User Conference honored the City of New Orleans’s Information Technology and Innovation for its efforts in creating a website to monitor catch basin upkeep in the city.

At its 2017 conference, ESRI honored several public and private technical arms for utilizing Geographic Information System tools, which are used to track real-world data on a publicly accessible map.

The Adopt-A-Catch Basin website allows residents to learn about the status of more than 65,000 catch basins around New Orleans. Using the app, residents can adopt a catch basin and mark them clean or dysfunctional.

Over the past couple of months, the Mayor’s Office has encouraged residents to clear neighboring catch basins from superficial debris. The city introduced the Adopt-A-Catch Basin website after several citizens voiced concerns about New Orleans drainage capacity after a major flood earlier this year.

The Geographic Information System tools used to power behind Adopt-A-Catch Basin website are also used to track road construction, and severe traffic and street flooding. For a list of all apps that utilize Geographic Information System tools in New Orleans, visit the City of New Orleans’s official website.