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Lower Garden District ranks as one of best neighborhoods in the United States

But will it stand the test for Curbed NOLA’s Curbed Cup?

While our annual Curbed Cup is less than two months away, HotSpot Rentals has already started ranking the best neighborhoods in 2017.

In an effort to find the 25 Hottest Neighborhoods in America, HotSpot aggregated walkability, transit, budget, entertainment, lifestyle, and weather data to determine which neighborhoods offer the best day-to-day experiences.

In its 2017 analysis, the Lower Garden District ranked No. 21. It scored the highest in walkability, (91), budget (82), and weather (75).

via HotSpot Rentals

San Francisco’s Mission is the highest-rated neighborhood in this study. To see other cities that ranked in this nation-wide analysis, check out HotSpot’s official website.

In a map of 17 New Orleans neighborhoods ranked by Walk Scores, the Lower Garden District has one of the highest Walk Scores in New Orleans, placing 4th in the city.

This December, 16 New Orleans neighborhoods will face off for Curbed NOLA’s annual Curbed Cup. Algiers Point has reigned as champion for the last two years.