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Here’s what to expect at this weekend’s Weird Homes Tour in New Orleans

From a life-sized dollhouse to a home made from shipping containers

The Dollhouse in Irish Channel will be one of 9 homes homes featured in this weekend’s self-guided Weird Homes Tour.
All photos by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

After Weird Homes Tour held its third annual event in Austin, its preparing to impress audiences across New Orleans. On Saturday, November 11, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Tour will showcase 9 unconventional homes across six neighborhoods.

Co-founders Chelle Neff and David J. Neff announced that 10 percent of all ticket sales will be donated to HousingNOLA to aid affordable housing efforts in New Orleans. For more information on tickets, visit the Tour’s official website.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the homes open this weekend.

Irish Channel

Ms. Mae’s Casket Home.
by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

Ms. Mae’s Casket Home: This home has several pieces funeral equipment reimagined as furniture and decor. Check out that coffin that has been transformed into a couch—which would make a great eternal napping spot.

Kicker Kalozdi and Anne Wolf, owners of the Three Story Shipping Container in the Irish Channel.
by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

Three Story Shipping Container Home: Bordering the St. Thomas Development and Irish Channel neighborhoods, you’ll find this expansive three-story home that is still under construction. During the tour, you’ll be granted a behind-the-scenes tour of the container home by the owners.

Lauren George and Nate Butcher, owners of The Dollhouse.
by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

The Dollhouse: This couple owns an Irish Channel home that replicates a miniature dollhouse. The owners decorated their living space with with treasures and antiques, with many dating back to the 19th century. As a fun fact, Lauren George (pictured left) makes dollhouses and owns a subscription-based, murder-mystery series based on a haunted dollhouse.


Pres Kabacoff and Sallie Ann Glassman of the Home of the Home of the Vodou Priestess
by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

Home of the Vodou Priestess: Realtor Pres Kabacoff and Hatian Voodou priestess Sallie Anne Glassman own this eclectic home. Glassman designed this room in particular with spirituality and art in mind. In fact, Weird Homes Tour says that most of the decor in their home has been made by Glassman herself.


Wally’s World!!
by Thanin Viriyaki Photography

Wally’s World!!: If you’re a fan of 1950s-retro design and Mardi Gras in New Orleans, than you might like this home. Named after the current owner, this home sits on the site of a home owned by Wally’s father, which was later devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Upon restoration, the home gained new appeal, including its variety of 1950s-based technology (including its sweet throwback kitchen). On the ground floor Wally has a room inspired by Mardi Gras and New Orleans-based decor.