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Check out this aerial update on NORTA’s Cemeteries Transit Center

Less than a month to go

After three months of construction, the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority announced that it’s on track for completing its Cemeteries Transit Center.

Today, RTA’s director of infrastructure, Martin Pospisil, announced that the Authority’s construction crews are finishing streetcar tracks, transit shelters, and the covered pedestrian walkways slated for its new transit center. Last July, the RTA said the Center would be complete by the end of November.

For the last two months, City Park Avenue at the intersections of Canal Boulevard and Canal Street have been closed to both pedestrians and motor vehicles. During that time the Cemeteries Streetcar line and several bus lines have followed alternate routes around the affected intersection.

RTA designed its new transit center to make safer conditions for both pedestrians, drivers, and commuters. In its new transit center, RTA has extended its Canal Streetcar line across City Park Avenue onto Canal Boulevard. The planned hub will allow public transport commuters to easily transfer between streetcars, NORTA buses, and Jefferson Transit buses.

The upgrades also includes new traffic and pedestrian signals, sidewalks, and covered walkways between transfer points.

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