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The 7th Ward’s Hunter’s Field Playground will get new clubhouse, renovations

The mayor says it will bring New Orleans closer together

Today, Mayor Mitch Landrieu announced the ground breaking of a new clubhouse at Hunter’s Field Playground.

The NORDC-operated clubhouse, which will be located at 1601 North Claiborne Avenue, will measure at 3,500 square feet and have a reception area, two multipurpose rooms, an industrial kitchen, and two concession windows.

A rendering on the planned clubhouse designed by Volume Zero LLC.
via City of New Orleans/Volume Zero LLC

“Clubhouses and parks like this are a place for the community to come together and unite,” said Mayor Mitch Landrieu in an official release. “Today, we’re excited to break ground on the Hunter's Field Playground Clubhouse in the Seventh Ward. With each project like this, we remake our City the way she was always meant to be.”

Designed by Volume Zero LLC, the $1.8 million investment will not only include the clubhouse but additional park improvements, such as landscaping, new street furniture, and revitalizing the existing structures at the park.

Earlier this year, Landrieu announced the reconstruction of the 7th Ward’s Nora Navra Library on St Bernard Avenue. The City of New Orleans also announced a new NORDC facility In Gert Town this past summer.