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New Orleans installs new mechanism on Bourbon Street to block vehicular traffic

Near the intersection at Canal and Bourbon streets

As Bourbon Street gets a much needed face lift, the Department of Public Works has installed movable bollards on Bourbon Street to block vehicular traffic on demand.

FOX 8 first reported on the installed bollards this morning located on the 100 block of Bourbon Street. The news station also reported a demonstration of the movable bollards led by Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness Aaron Miller.

Earlier this year, the City of New Orleans Department of Public Works commissioned researchers to evaluate ways to handle traffic congestions on Bourbon Street between the 100 and 800 block of Canal Street. That request stems from the Mayor Landrieu administration’s $40 million Citywide Public Safety Improvement Plan that it introduced in January of 2017.

In April, the New Orleans Department of Public Works held a community meeting to receive feedback from residents and business owners on Bourbon Street. Common concerns included emergency service and delivery vehicle access, off-street parking, and home and business driveway access on and near the affected street.

The Department of Public Works remains concerned about the growing number of vehicle induced incident and public safety of civilians in the Bourbon Street corridor. Public safety concerns on Bourbon Street rose to the forefront after the Bourbon Street shooting that resulted in 10 people being injured in November of 2016.