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Curbed Cup 2017 1st round results! Bywater, Gentilly advance

Who will advance to the Final Four?

illustrations by Kevin Whipple

After a week of celebrating achievements in 16 New Orleans neighborhoods, the first of three rounds of Curbed Cup have concluded. Now, only eight neighborhoods remain. And only one will reign as Curbed Cup champion.

The first day started off with two-time Curbed Cup champion Algiers Point dunking on Carrollton in the polls. Later that day, Bayou St. John challenged the Marigny and won, leading the polls by 80 points.

Despite a slew of developments anticipated for 2018, the French Quarter lost against its underdog competition, the Lower Garden District, on day two. Treme, which advanced to the Final Four in Curbed Cup 2016, trumped Central City with a 37-percent lead.

Three days into the round, we saw the Garden District win against Lakeview with significant voter support. In a close match between Bywater and Freret—a roughly 10-point difference—Bywater came out on top. That’s a close call for underdog competition.

In the concluding matches of round one, Curbed Cup 2016 runner up Mid-City defeated Uptown. And the resilient Lower 9th Ward, which has been showered with community support and development over the past year, lost against the underdog giant Gentilly.

Now, we reveal the much anticipated bracket. Which neighborhoods will emerge victorious from the Elite Eight? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned for round two of Curbed Cup, which starts next week!