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NOMA will break ground on its expanded sculpture garden in early 2018

It will expand NOMA’s programming opportunities

The expanded Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden will open in winter of 2018.
All photos courtesy of the New Orleans Museum of Art/Reed-Hilderbrand and Lee Ledbetter & Associates

Last week, the New Orleans Museum of Art finalized details on its plan to double the size of its Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Starting construction by early 2018, NOMA expects the expanded Garden to open by late 2018.

The Museum announced that the expansion will allow for more programing opportunities. In addition to its collection of over 60 sculptures from the 20th-century, the planned six-acre garden will have a new gallery, amphitheater and stage, pedestrian bridges, walkways, and an outdoor classroom. It will remain free and open to the public after its expansion.

In an official release, NOMA said that it would also add “Hundreds of trees, palmettos, and shrubs” that would align “with the historical fabric of the landscape.“ Both the construction and maintenance of the park will be privately funded.

NOMA listed Reed-Hilderbrand and Lee Ledbetter & Associates as designers of the expanded garden, and Palmisano as the general contractor.

Not far from the expanded Garden, the Louisiana Children’s Museum started construction of its new $45.5 million City Park campus, which will open in late 2018.