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Nominate NOLA’s best neighborhood for this year’s annual Curbed Cup

Which neighborhood will be voted the best in New Orleans?

An aerial view of city buildings in New Orleans.
Curbed Cup nominations start now!
Photo by Sean Pavone/Shutterstock

The wait is finally over. This December, Curbed New Orleans will host its annual Curbed Cup. For the past four years, Curbed NOLA readers have chosen New Orleans’s best neighborhood, based on local pride and outstanding developments.

During Curbed Cup, we pit sixteen neighborhoods through a fun and friendly competition, where we celebrate local pride, growth, and developments each neighborhood has experienced over the past year.

Last year, Algiers Point became the second New Orleans neighborhood to win Curbed Cup two years in a row. Before that, Bywater reigned as champion in 2013 and 2014.

Will 2017 be any different? That choice is yours. We need your help to figure out which neighborhoods will take part in our annual competition. Feel free to add nominations in the comment section of this post or email them to us.

Wait, there’s one catch! When nominating a neighborhood, you need to explain why its worthy to participate in this year’s competition. Is there something about its vibe, developments, restaurant scene, green space, or pot-hole free streets? Let us know what happened in 2017 that makes your nominated neighborhood fantastic!