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Sazerac Company’s CBD beverage museum breaks ground

Construction is expected to be completed in 2018

500 Canal Street
Photos courtesy of the Sazerac Company

The New Orleans Central Business District is getting a new museum based that will showcase beverages native to New Orleans.

On Tuesday, January 31, construction workers broke ground on The Sazerac company’s upcoming beverage museum located at 500 Canal Street.

Last year, the Sazerac Company planned a first-of-its-kind museum that showcases different beverages, including Sazerac, a cocktail native to New Orleans.

Rendering of the lobby area for the planned museum.
Courtesy of Sazerac Company

The museum, designed by Trapolin- Peer, and constructed by Ryan Gootee is expected to be completed in 2018.

According to an official statement, Sazerac Company plans to maintin many of the historical attributes in the building’s renovation. The building is known for its tall ceilings, ornate columns and expansive wood flooring.

Built in the mid-1800’s, the museum property totals to nearly 50,000 square feet at three stories tall. The planned museum will have several exhibits featuring beverages created all across New Orleans.

The museum will highlight several beverage native to the city and across the nation.
Courtesy of Sazerac Company

The building was previously co-owned by Starwood and Met Life. Before the purchase, the building remained vacant for more than 30 years.

After the building is officially open, the Sazerac company expects to serve over 100,000 people.