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New Orleans inches progress on $4.3 million St. Charles Avenue Repaving Project

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Phase one of six will be complete by February 14

Today, Boh Bros. Construction, LLC, will repave St. Charles Avenue from St. Mary Street to Erato Street. The construction will close eastbound lanes from St. Mary Street to Erato Street and westbound lanes from Polymnia Street to Second Street.

All construction between Louisiana Avenue and Calliope street is expected to be completed by February 10, and streets will be completely clear of construction equipment by February 14.

Traffic advisory on St. Charles Avenue.
Via of the Office of the Mayor.

This week’s construction is apart of a $4.3 million St. Charles Avenue Repaving Project which will repair damage portions of the roadway. Additional renovations include installing American with Disabilities Act-compliant cubs, curb ramps at intersections, and replacing and repairing damaged underground water, sewer and drainage lines as needed.

Construction will be divided into six phases, starting this January and ending in Spring of 2018. Current construction on St. Charles Avenue will come to the halt during the Mardi Gras parade season, which is between February 14 to February 28, 2017.