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NOLA ranks in top 10 healthiest housing markets in Louisiana

And you won’t guess who ranks No. 1 in Louisiana

Thousands Tour New Orleans Modular Home
New Orleans has one of the healthiest housing markets in the state.
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

When shopping for a home, the health of the housing market can make or break the potential sale of a home.

In its third annual Healthiest Housing Markets Study, SmartAsset researchers analyzed the average number of years residents live in homes, home values, ease of sale and costs of ownership to determine the health of housing markets throughout the United States.

Out of the top 10 cities in Louisiana, New Orleans ranked No. 8.

On average, people in New Orleans live in there homes for 12.7 years; Roughly 12.6 percent of homes in the city are decreasing in value; and a home for sale is on the market for an average of 68.2 days. Out of a index score of 100, New Orleans scored 67.75 in SmartAssets Healthiest Markets index ranking.

The top three cities in Louisiana with the healthiest markets are River Ridge, LA, which scored an 88.01 on the Healthiest Markets Index; Metairie Louisiana, which scored an 86.09; and Kenner, which scored 82.01.

The bottom two cities on the Top 10 list are Destrehan, which scored a 66.71; and Gretna, which scored a 66.50.

While New Orleans does rank in the top 10 housing markets in Louisiana, it still continues to struggle with meeting affordable housing needs for renters.

For the full study and ranking of housing markets in Louisiana, click here.

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