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NOLA’s Social bicycles community workshops to start soon

Choose where you would like to see some of the 70 bike stations located in New Orleans

New Orleans is officially launching its bike share program in Fall of 2017.
Eric Craig

It’s been nearly a month since the start of the Social Bike Share trial in New Orleans. While the demo will end on March 31, The City of New Orleans and Social Bicycle, Inc. are partnering together to gather community input on New Orleans upcoming bike share program.

Over the next month, Social Bicycles and New Orleans will hold six community workshops, incuding fourteen different neighborhoods. In each workshop, residents can recommend where to place permanent bike stations.

The workshops will be held at the following sites:

After partnering with Brooklyn-based Social Bicycles this past summer, the New Orleans Bike Share program, which will include 70 station and 700 bikes places strategically around the city, will launch in Fall of 2017.

Currently, there are seven demo stations and 35 bikes arable for public use until the end of March. The stations in use are not permanent and are subject to change in the fall. In late February Mayor Mitch Landrieu extended the bike share program until March 31.

To find a demo station near you, click here. To rent a bike, individuals have to sign up for an hourly or preview pass at the New Orleans Social Bicycles portal.