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City Park’s Bayou Oaks Golf Course is set to open in April

The City Park’s new golf course is huge

The 192 acre course will be open to the public beginning April 21.
Rendering by Ian Cotita, Cavu Media

New Orleans City Park and the Bayou District Foundation’s Bayou Oak’s Golf Course will be officially open on Friday, April 21.

The design of the course was conducted by Rees Jones and Greg Muirhead of Res Jones, Inc. The 192 acre course has 18 holes, 46 bunkers, multiple tee locations, a 13,000 square foot clubhouse, and new maintenance facilities. The combined cost of the new course is $26 million.

The course was funded through the State of Louisiana, FEMA Bayou District Foundation and New Orleans City park. The Bayou District Foundation will operate the course once opened.

“Together with our Bayou District Foundation partners, New Orleans City Park now offers a beautiful and challenging golf course that will accommodate players of all skill levels,” says Bob Becker, CEO of New Orleans City Park in a prepared statement.

For more information on pricing and scheduling at Bayou Oaks, click here.