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Irish Channel Real Estate: Price range comparison to the French Quarter

A closer look at one of New Orleans’ historic neighborhoods

Recently, NeighborhoodX, a real estate analytics and research firm, broke down the current price range of homes in the French Quarter neighborhood. Today, the firm released research on the Irish Channel neighborhood.

The Irish Channel is roughly bounded by the Mississippi River, and the West Riverside, Touro and Garden District neighborhoods. This year on Curbed, the Irish Channel made its debut on CNBC in the first episode of “The Deed,” featuring the Bakery Village development. Over the last two weeks, the Irish Channel has also hosted several St. Patrick Day festivities.

In NeighborhoodX’s research, the firm analyzes price per square foot to obtain an accurate depiction of the housing market in the neighborhood.

In the Irish Channel, the average price per square foot is $266, with properties ranging from $155 to $417, according to Constantine Valhouli, cofounder of NeighborhoodX.

The most expensive property has a 907 square feet at $418 per square feet. The least expensive property is 2,404 square feet at $155 per square foot.

In comparison, the average price per square foot in the French Quarter neighborhood is $566, ranging from $258 to $865.

Check out the stats on the Irish Channel neighborhood and the comparison chart between the Irish Channel and French Quarter neighborhood below.