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Pricing homes in the Marigny neighborhood

On average, homes in the Marigny are cheaper than the French Quarter and more expensive than the Irish Channel on a price per square foot basis

The average price per square foot in the Marigny is $352.
Photo courtesy of Carol-Jean Dixon

This past week, Curbed New Orleans and NeighborhoodX evaluated how price per square foot varies between neighborhoods. So far, NeighborhoodX found that the French Quarter has an average price per square foot of $566, and a $266 average in the Irish Channel.

Up next is neighborhood pricing in the Marigny.

According to NeighborhoodX, the average listing price in the Faubourg Marigny is $352 per square foot. On the low end of the spectrum, at $152 per square foot, is this 3,597 square foot five-unit apartment located on Franklin Avenue. On the high end is a 362 square foot Chartres Street unit, priced at $633 per square foot.

"The most expensive property in Marigny, on a per-square-foot basis, is also one of the smallest," said Constantine Valhouli, cofounder of Neighborhood X.

"And this highlights the little-known but important fact that small properties can often sell for more per square foot than larger ones in the same neighborhood or even the same building,“ he added.

Check out the interactive graph below to find out more about home pricing in the Marigny.