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Average Uptown home prices evaluated by square feet

Homes in Uptown are on average cheaper than the French Quarter and rivals the Garden District

For the past week, Curbed NOLA and NeighborhoodX partnered to evaluate home prices throughout New Orleans many neighborhoods.

So far, NeighborhoodX released research on five neighborhoods: French Quarter, Irish Channel, Marigny, Garden District, and Treme.

The next neighborhood on our list is Uptown.

Traditionally, Uptown was referred to the part of the city that went against the Mississippi River’s flow. However, the official neighborhood boundaries are Napoleon and Jefferson avenues, Magazine and Lasalle Streets.

The average price per square foot in the Uptown neighborhood is $281, excluding one outlier.

"However, as we're fond of pointing out, the average price rarely conveys how widely the individual prices can vary within the neighborhood," said Constantine Valhouli, the co-founder of NeighborhoodX.

On the lower end of the spectrum is a 3,482 square foot home-and-apartment complex, priced at at $150 per square feet. On the high end is a 2,387 square foot single-family home, priced at $381 per square foot.

The outlying property is 5200 St. Charles Avenue, which is an expansive 4,240 square foot mansion, priced at $635 per square feet.

Check out NeighborhoodX’s interactive map below to see how more home prices in the Uptown neighborhood compare.